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Our History

Thee Lit Experience was established in 2021 with one mission: to bring high-quality luxury at the flick of a finger. Sometimes we’re unable to get away physically but we provide a lit experience, literally.. that’s luxury in different forms.

Our passion for excellence inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. Our candle selections are not only vibrant in smells but guaranteed to tend to all moods, vibes & feels. 

We pride ourselves on offering a superior lit experience and long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers. All of our candles are homemade handcrafted out of 100% soybean wax & of course fiery love & passion. Pay us a visit and try for yourself! 

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Asia not only is the face but the candle bae creator of Thee Lit Experience. Since she could remember she has always been into smell goods & enjoying the luxuries in & of life. And what’s a better way to combine the two by creating luxury in the form of a smell good.

Message from CEO

Hi there bae! Thank you for taking the time to view not just Thee Lit Experience Co. but MY DREAM! Luxury is something that everyone deserves to experience. We only have one life and that right there is a reason to treat yourself! Shop with us today 


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